Include license for porting purposes

In order to port your acron plant with a valid license, please save the file attachment in the data path of the plant where the "Plant.def" file is located.
The file name (ALF.ALF) must not be changed under any circumstances.
The acron 7.3 software required for porting can be obtained from VIDEC Sales or Support.

Server settings

1. Open the "Plant administration" with admin rights in the acron Designer via the main menu "Plant" under "Administration".

2. Make your logged-in system available as a remote system via the "Provide access via TCP/IP using server service" checkbox.

3. Install and start the server service.

If you have a single user license, continue with point 2.


Settings for each client (network license)

1. Integrate this system as a remote system in acron Designer via the main menu "System, Administration" in the "System administration" via the menu "Edit, System search".

2. Select the "Multi-user license network" license model in the "Options" tab under "System-specific licensing" in the logged-in system.

3. In the "License settings" dialog, which you can access via the "License info" button, enter the license number 9999 preceded by the # character in the "Optional license server address" field.