We are the Architects.

Here at dataforum we develop ACRON - an enterprise historian that allows acquiring data from many different OT- sources, archiving large datasets, and run individual analysis and reporting. We're proud and grateful to be able to do what we love successfully, since 1995 all over the world. Back when we started, we developed ACRON for the Water and Wastewater space. Now - 20 years later we serve multiple customer segments: Energy, Food, Manufacturing, Waste Management, Chemicals, and of course - Water/ Wastewater.

Leading Data-Historian in the German Water Market.

With a market share of >75%, ACRON is the leading data historian for German water and wastewater plants. We have therefore been making a significant social contribution to the careful use of natural resources for over 20 years. Because only ACRON makes it possible to check the quality of recycled wastewater before it is fed back into the natural water cycle.

23Years Ago Founded
Christopher Stach
Sylvester Weise

We Focus on Developing ACRON.

We are a team of 12 colleagues who work on the development of our ACRON product with a high level of individual responsibility. Thanks to our distribution partners, who help our customers with technical support and training, we are able to focus on development.

We appreciate the work with our partners to deliver software that fulfills the needs of our common customers.

Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Hear it from our Customers

Our Contribution to Sustainability. Is Measurable.

We work data-driven and are conscious of resources. What can be measured can be saved in the future. That's what we call sustainable energy management. We are aware of this responsibility and mission and are proud to make the world more transparent and a little better with our software.