ACRON - the lifeblood of your plant

Digital Transformation starts with data

With ACRON, you can efficiently bring together all the data and information from your plants, thereby laying the groundwork for sound evaluation and analysis processes. Its comprehensive range of functions enables you to analyze and optimize your plants and operational processes precisely, securely, and exactly.


Data aquisition
Data contextualization

ACRON Features

  1. Plant-spanning analysis and data historicization
  2. Open interfaces and native couplings to HMI/SCADA and management systems
  3. Highest data security through redundancy and three-level cache
  4. Document-based evaluation with individual reporting
  5. Easy to use – strong architecture

With ACRON, you can

  1. Aggregate, save, and archive data across plants
  2. Carry out extensive evaluations and analyses
  3. Create customized report templates for on-demand reporting
  4. Optimise processes and increase productivity

Industry applications in almost all sectors

Almost no other historian product fulfills as many norms and standards in the industry as ACRON. Apart from anything else, this results in a wide range of possible applications in many companies – it is also possible to work with a central database, and a central evaluation is possible for the data from many departments. Due to its high flexibility, ACRON ensures that individual layouts can also be linked to process values quickly and easily. This allows ACRON to provide access to clear information which is aligned with the specific requirements of the user.

ACRON is successfully used in almost all industries – a brief overview describes the variety of its applications.